You want to feel better. You want to look better. You’ve tried what feels like everything.

But We’re Different.

We’re different because we recognize that being overweight or obese is a chronic medical
condition. We were founded by doctors who understand how the body works and what it needs to
safely and effectively lose weight.
Monarch Medical provides medically supervised weight management programs for patients in a
safe, caring and supportive environment. Our goal is your well-being and permanent weight loss
Our programs integrate nutrition and medical counseling with education on the role of genes,
physiology and environmental influences on your weight.

Knowledge is Power.

You will receive a personal portfolio and weekly Monarch patient guides that will help educate and
motivate you toward your target weight. You will learn why your body stores fat and how you will
permanently maintain a healthy weight.

Your First Appointment

During your first visit, you will have an extensive consultation with a Medical Practitioner. You’ll have
your first weekly weigh-in as well as a body composition analysis.
You’ll receive a 1-month supply of vitamins and one lipotropic vitamin injection. You’ll receive
instructions for keeping a personal food journal and you’ll receive your first weekly patient guide.
You may be prescribed an Appetite Suppressant (for those who qualify and want this extra help.)

Programs Tailored To Fit You

How It Works


JumpStart is our most popular and successful weight loss program utilizing protein-fortified
prescription foods along with grocery food. Patients typically experience rapid weight loss while
learning to eat small, frequent meals.

New Beginnings

The New Beginnings program emphasizes the use of healthy grocery foods, along with
protein-fortified prescription foods. This is a progressive program designed to educate patients about
excellent nutrition and how to eat appropriately for weight loss now and weight maintenance in the

Bariatric Surgery Support

Obesity is a chronic health condition that demands continuous treatment. If you are scheduled for
bariatric surgery and need to lose weight before the procedure or if you are thinking about surgery,
Monarch can help you.

Weight Loss Tools

Our programs can also include one of several weight-loss tools that help you along your path to
losing weight and establishing long-term health habits.
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