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Shop & Ship What You Love from the USA to your Doorstep

Shipping Simplified

  • Sign up for a free US address
  • Use your US address to shop at your favorite US retailer
  • We receive your package at your Timex locker
  • Consolidate and ship to your home address
  • Receive your shipment within days

International delivery without the worry

  • Express shipping to over 200 countries
  • Packages arrive within as little as three business days
  • 30 years of experience in international shipping

Savings on Purchases and Shipping

  • Shop & Ship without paying US sales tax
  • Save up to 80% on shipping consolidated packages
  • Discounted shipping with major carriers including DHL Express, FedEx, and US Postal Service

No Surprise Fees for Shop & Ship

  • No membership or joining fees
  • No fees to receive packages
  • No storage fee for the first 45 days

Simplified pricing that takes the worry out of excess fees

Shop & Ship in the USA and Ship Internationally without the worry

Online shopping for Shop & Ship in the USA should be easy

  • Find what you want
  • Order
  • See your package on your doorstep

But then uncertain details make you anxious:

  • “What if they ship the wrong thing?”
  • “Will they accept my credit card?”
  • “How much is shipping going to cost?”
  • Time Express offers a variety of international shipping services with simplified pricing so you can see your package on your doorstep without worrying about excess fees.

Consolidation: Ship just one package and save

Combine multiple packages into one box. Consolidating packages saves you up to 80% on international shipping compared to shipping packages individually from retailers.

Repacking: Don’t pay for wasted space

Domestic shipping in the USA does not use dimensional weight and there is often wasted space. Save on delivery costs when you repackage your packages into a smaller box.

Personal Shopping Services: Buy from the Best Stores

Some retailers will not accept foreign credit cards, or ship to packages internationally—Time Express offers a personal shopping service that allows you to shop with hundreds of your favorite USA retailers.


Time Express (Shop USA, Ship UAE)Fees 
Membership FeeNone 
Monthly FeeNone 
Consolidation10Per package
Repacking Fee25Per package
Package Receipt FeeNone 
Personal Shopping Fee45Per online retailer
  10% of the purchase value
Storage FeeFree for 45 days50 fils per day per pound past 45 days
Hazmat Processing Fee60Per hazmat type
Special Request Fee1015 AED for 1 photo, 25 AED for 3 photos
Shipment Value Protection20Min charge
  2% of declared value
Editing Commercial Invoice Fee115Per commercial value
Package Return35Per pre-paid label